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Silgrad's setting for TESV [Discussion]
02-25-2012, 02:29 PM,
Silgrad's setting for TESV [Discussion]
About our project:

Silgrad Tower: From the Ashes is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that will initially encompass the area around the city of Silgrad Tower in western Morrowind. Upon completion of this portion, we will expand north, creating the cities of Soluthis and Blacklight, as well as their surroundings.

[Image: Silgrad_Tower.png]
Thanks to the Elder Scrolls Wiki for the Arena map.


As of the year 4E 201, the nation of Black Marsh controls Morrowind. To keep the Empire out of its new holdings, the Argonians stationed a large army in the once- grand city of Silgrad Tower, and Silgrad's proud, Dunmer citizens were forced into slavery. As slaves, the Dunmer are now forced to produce food for the Argonian soldiers, mine ore to create their weapons, and other forms of
hard labor that ultimately secure their own subjugation. The Dunmer have never been easily defeated, however.

On a quiet edge of Silgrad Tower stands the grand namesake of the city, the Tower of Silgrad. Once the center of Silgrad Tower politics, the Tower now acts as a prison forjust one man: Valos Hadreth. As a former Blind Moth Priest, Hadreth wasseen as a prophet to the Dunmer in the trying times after The Red Year, and he was immediately recognized as a threat to Argonian rule. Now he waits patiently for the revolution that will free his people.

Join Valos Hadreth, or end his rebellion in this unofficial mod that will determine the fate of an entire region in western Morrowind. Heed our call, and help raise Silgrad Tower from the ashes!


-The initial mod will focus specifically (and only) on the city of Silgrad Tower and its surrounding region. This is to assure that we do not "bite off more than we can chew" in terms of modding work, and to be absolutely sure that we will finish something by the release of the next Elder Scrolls game.

-After finishing the Silgrad Tower region, we will most likely work region by region up through Blacklight.

-We will be following Bethesda lore as closely as we can, but we will have to use or own lore from our previous TESIII and TESIV projects as a supplement, since little is known about this region or its cities.

-The main quest will start with the player meeting a rebellious Dunmer slave, who will lead the player to Valos Hadreth. Once the player infiltrates the Tower of Silgrad's sealed courtyard, he must ascend the tower, where Hadreth will be waiting. It is here that the player will learn of Silgrad Tower's slave rebellion and what's at stake.

-When we do get around to making Soluthis, Blacklight, Ald Nium, Steadhelm and Tel Gavos, the following has been decided:

Soluthis: Ran by local warlords from ruined Reich Parkeep. Soluthis is still a viable town, but it has declined.

-Blacklight: The city is now the capital of Morrowind after the Argonians sacked Mournhold with Blacklight Castle at its center. Many refugees on their way to Solstheim stopped here, only to stay for whatever reason.

Ald Nium & Steadhelm: We'll add some ruins, both towns were destroyed.

Tel Gavos: Survived.

Concept for the city of Silgrad Tower:

-The Argonian district contains the Argonian palace, and other key structures. Other Argonian government/guard buildings can be spread throughout the city. A hole was made in the original city walls during the Argonian takeover, and they have created a makeshift walled district to "patch" the hole. The hole in the original walls serves as an intentional weak point that will make the city less defensible, should the Dunmer ever kick the Argonians out. With this, the Argonians should easily be able to flood back into the city.

-One area can be reserved for handling Dunmer slaves. It can be a slave pit, a labor camp, etc. It will be located in the center of the city, and it will be made into the city square once Silgrad Tower is liberated.

-Most of the Dunmer slaves will be homeless. Only those Dunmer with special skills will have homes.

-The Temple is now abandoned, destroyed, or is used for some other purpose entirely. A few statues and religions artifacts still remain inside.

-The old Dunmer morgues/ crematoriums still exist, but the Argonians no longer allow traditional Dunmer cremation or entombment in ancestral tombs.

- The Argonian district will be the most elevated part of the city, followed by the Tower of Silgrad, and then the rest of the city, with the slave pit being the lowest point.

-Overall, the city will feel like a prison/ slave fortress.

-We will be using Hlaalu architecture for the city of Silgrad Tower. The buildings will be kept close together, to give a "busy" feeling.

- Most of the original Dunmer buildings will be ruined.

-Guards will be numerous in order to convey a sense of oppression, martial law, etc.

-The Tower of Silgrad has been completely walled off by the Argonians, to keep the citizens from interacting with Valos Hadreth.


Many thanks to Sniper4 for compiling the info based upon our our internal Core thread. Smile
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03-07-2012, 10:45 PM,
It's possible to make changes just post your ideas in this thread. Smile
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Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

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05-11-2013, 08:42 AM,
Updated the OP. Smile
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08-12-2013, 02:44 PM,
Hi! This may be a simple question, but does the game begin shortly after the initial invasion from Black Marsh (4E6), or does it happen two hundred years later, concurrently with events in Skyrim? (Asking because it seems like a Silgrad Tower that had been held by the Argonians for two centuries might be a very different place from one that had only belonged to them for a few years or decades.)

Quote:Elder Scrolls V: Silgrad Tower

(Module story condensed to <150 words)

It is Year X of the Fourth Era, and the Argonians of Black Marsh have overrun Morrowind. To protect their new holdings, a large army has been stationed in the once-grand city of Silgrad Tower. The city’s namesake keep is now a prison for one man, the Dunmer prophet Velos Hadreth.

Imprisoned in the wake of the Black Marsh invasion (4E6), Hadreth has waited years for the revolution that will free his people. Will you step forward to help him lead the Dark Elves in rebellion, or side with the An-Xileel forces as they attempt to solidify their hold on western Morrowind?

Think carefully. In this unofficial module for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the choices you make may have far-reaching consequences for all of Tamriel.
08-13-2013, 03:12 AM,
I think it would be at the same time as Skyrim. If we planned to set it two centuries earlier, we would have to give the game a complete overhaul, sort of like how Nehrim was a complete overhaul of Oblivion.
08-19-2013, 01:15 AM,
#6 - tentative map of argonian holdings in morrowind, 4E201 - one possible layout for the city & its districts
08-19-2013, 12:31 PM,
[Image: ad7c.png]

Thanks, I like the layout.
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Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

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08-20-2013, 07:43 PM,
Finalized story framework, minus endgame spoilers.

[Image: falj.png]
In this unofficial module for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Argonians of Black Marsh have been a presence in mainland Morrowind for nearly two centuries. An army is stationed in the border outpost of Silgrad Tower, and its namesake keep has become a prison for one man, the prophet Velos Hadreth. Will you work to liberate him in hopes of leading the Dunmer of Silgrad in rebellion, or side with the forces of An-Xileel as they try to reassert their hold on the city?

[Image: ad7c.png]

Originally a Velothi border outpost, Silgrad Tower expanded to become a full-fledged city in the Hlaalu style during the early Third Era. Many major buildings were damaged when it was taken by the Argonians in 4E6, and have been left to decay over the centuries rather than being repaired or added to. The Tower, the only remnant of the original fortress, is located in the Argonian District.

01 == Upper Chambers, or the “Argonian District”, “Saxheel District”
The highest and most defensible part of Silgrad Tower. Contains the Argonian administrative center (home to a transplanted Hist tree) and other key structures, including the Tower itself.

02 == Downtown, or the “Central District”

The Red Plaza is located in the center of the city. Linked to the river through Riverside by canals. Will become the city square again if the Argonians lose control of Silgrad Tower. The old Tribunal Temple has been abandoned, and a shoot trimmed from the Great Hist is growing in the front courtyard. A few statues and religious artifacts remain inside.

03 == Riverside

Formerly lower rent housing and docks for Dunmer. Now houses the Argonian army, and is the center of water traffic in and out of Silgrad.

04 == Eastside
Once held the Dunmer upper middle class. Foreign artisans and craftspeople brought in by the Argonians now live here. So do a few highly skilled Dunmer.

05 == Slums
The majority of Silgrad's Dunmer live and work here in enclave.


An ex-Blind Moth prophet, imprisoned in Silgrad Tower for over two hundred years, Hadreth is both a symbol and a sore point for the region’s Dunmer.

The aging, bitter, and brutal General of the Argonian forces stationed at Silgrad Tower. Onwadal has served in the city for over three decades, and yearns to return to the Black Marsh.

Present Argonian governer of Silgrad Tower. Onwadal rides roughshod over her a great deal of the time: she has yet to stand up to him on any matter of significance. She “inherited” the problem of Hadreth when she arrived several years ago, and has taken a particular interest in his case.

Head of the Argonian Shadowscales in Silgrad Tower. She's the Governer's "left hand", but has mostly been left to her own devices. She may also be receiving independent orders from the Black Marsh.

Young Argonian Shadowscale and member of the City Watch, assigned to trail the protagonist and/or work with them openly while they’re in Silgrad Tower.

Priest of the New Temple who works as a healer in the Slums. Contact for the Dunmer resistance.

A female Dunmer, leader of the bandits in the ancestral hill tombs east of Silgrad.

Idealistic Dunmer warrior and low-ranking member of House Redoran. Volunteered to join the rebels in the Slums from Blacklight six months ago. Moravi directed him to them with some reluctance, and may ask for news of him.

Local Dunmer warlord who rules Soluthis from the ruins of the Parkeep, overlooking the Deepen Moor. Criticized by the Dren bandits in the tombs east of Silgrad for doing very little to help them. In Moravi's mind, they are poorly organized, and he's never been able to properly back them up because House Redoran has never had the forces to spare to launch an attack on Silgrad or the inclination to do so: the Council fears retaliation in southern Morrowind, where the Argonians are much better entrenched, if they attack the outpost.

A former student of the ancient Telvanni necromancer Mistress Dratha, Areth survived the Red Year and resettled Tel Gavos several decades ago.

Imperial Commander at Rift Watch.


Release I – Silgrad Tower
Endgame spoilers omitted. All quests in this release take place in the city.

The first key scene in the main quest is the player meeting Velos Hadreth in the Tower. There are several reasons given as to why they might have been allowed to meet with him, depending on character race and background: they may also have snuck in.

An Argonian Shadowscale, Suleedal, “offers” to personally escort them to Eastside after the interview concludes and they attempt to exit the Tower: once they part company with her, they are free to explore the rest of the city, and complete a series of quests for the Argonians or for the Dunmer which will prove instrumental in determining the prophet's fate - and the fate of the outpost.

Release II – Surrounding Regions
Tentative only. Our focus is on finishing Release I first. These areas and quests would become available to the player once he or she finished the main quest in Release I.

In Release II, the player may leave Silgrad Tower to negotiate with key actors in the surrounding region and help further the interests of the faction they chose to support in Release I (Dunmer or Argonian).

1. Meet with or capture/eliminate the bandit queen Anziah Dren in the hill tombs east of Silgrad.
2. Negotiate with or eliminate Ulam Moravi, the local Dunmer Warlord who rules Soluthis from the ruins of the Parkeep.
3. Meet with Barhes Endes, Imperial Commander of the Rift Watch border fort.
4. Meet with or eliminate the Telvanni wizard, Sadela Areth, at Tel Gavos.

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