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Scc0436 [Finished]
04-13-2011, 04:39 AM,
Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad you like my work Smile.
05-12-2011, 05:11 AM,
Since the morgue is the centerpiece of my Three Part Claim Cluster (TPCC), all further updates will be posted here. To refresh, the TPCC consists of the following claims:

SCC0436: The morgue, and home of the healer Nalit Deras
SCC0335: The home of morgue worker Tumdril Ules and his brother, Sethros.
SCC0430: The home of morgue worker Ernnos Davor (top floor) and the married couple Idrothyn and Telyne Marvos (bottom floor)

As an update, I am pleased to announce that all interior modding, pathgrids, AI, and basic dialogue for these three interiors is now complete. Now, I'm going to add a simple quest (detailed below) and do a full re-test on all three interiors and all NPCs.

To review our cast of characters:
Nalit Deras: The morgue healer. He deals with morgue visitors and prepares the bodies for funerary rites and cremation. He has retired from healing the living. He can explain Dunmer lore regarding death and ancestor veneration to the player. He's very proud of Dunmer customs.

Tumdril Ules: The charismatic morgue worker. He deals with morgue visitors when Nalit isn't available and handles much of the morgue paperwork. He also takes care of his brother, Sethros. Very friendly and personable.

Sethros Ules: Tumdril's mentally handicapped younger brother. He wishes someone would hire him. He likes to draw in his free time, and he collects colorful trinkets (quills, game pieces, cloths, etc). Very sweet, though a bit mischievous. See SCC0335 thread for a bit more detail on him.

Ernnos Davor: The strong morgue worker. He's too crude to be allowed to interact with the visitors, so Nalit has him stay in the morgue proper, except to eat lunch. His job is doing the "heavy lifting" (lifting and moving the bodies, of course). He's... not exactly a warm, fuzzy guy Tongue. The classic rude Dunmer.

Idrothyn Marvos: No connection to the morgue. He's an aspiring author with no focus. Completely scatter- brained and a bit arrogant.

Telyne Marvos: No connection to the morgue. Idrothyn's wife. She's frustrated with her husband's failure as an author, as well as his stubbornness. She wishes Idrothyn would get a "real" job to better support her and her dreams of escaping poverty.


Quest Plan:

This is the quest for the player who likes to collect things! Sethros has noticed that some folks in Silgrad have colorful quills. Sethros only has a black quill, and he wants the player to find him a red quill, a yellow one, and a blue one. He likes to draw, and he'd like it if he could draw with different colored quills, just for a bit of variety in his life Smile. Of course, Tumdril could afford to buy his little brother some quills, but he doesn't have the time to go on a scavenger hunt to collect the different colors.

If the player succeeds, Sethros gives the player one of his drawings (in terms of game mechanics, a piece of paper with bracketed text explaining what's on the drawing), and the quills are proudly displayed in Sethros's house.

I plan to keep the morgue quest- free for now, since I have an idea where it may be used in a faction quest later on down the road.
05-21-2011, 09:39 PM,
The Three Part Claim Cluster (TPCC) is now complete. Please note that the attached .esp file contains SCC0436, SCC0335, and SCC0340. Below are my release notes:

-I intentionally bled the stone slabs into the ground a bit due to a rather nasty texture error. The slabs were projecting this blinking, black shadow onto the ground.
-To give the morgue proper a bit of privacy, I had to tweak the interior layout a bit. This will show altered object placement in cleaning tools.
-Added windows to the exterior in cell SilgradCityEastSide, Wilderness -1,-22
-On the bottom floor, the room with only one stone slab is for identifying bodies, and it is open to the public. The next room is the "morgue proper," and it is where the bodies are storied and prepared. It is closed to the public.
-The healer lives on the top floor, and he deals with preparing the bodies and speaking with visitors.
-The dialogue quest for SCC0436 contains the dialogue for ALL morgue workers, as well as Sethros's non-quest dialogue.

-Home to Tumdril Ules, who often handles the morgue's paper work and talks to visitors. He lives with his son Sethros. Sethros's mental condition is based on that of a former student of mine. I'm not so sure I'd call him "mentally handicapped" as I did earlier, but I'm not so sure what the best adjective for him is. He's just a very unique person, let's leave it at that. Smile
-Added windows to the exterior in SilgradCityRiversideNW, Wilderness -10,-20.
-This interior contains a quest to help Sethros get three colored quills for his collection of colorful things Smile.

-The upstairs room belongs to the third morgue worker. He does the heavy lifting at the morgue, and he has a very abrasive personality. He is intentionally kept away from the public, due to this.
-The downstairs belongs to a rather scatter- brained author and his frustrated wife.
-Windows added to the exterior in SilgradCityRiversideSE, SilgradCityRiverSideSEChild -5,-21
-The dialogue quest for SCC0340 contains only the dialogue for the author and his wife. The morgue worker's dialogue is in the SCC0436 dialogue quest.
05-22-2011, 12:58 PM,
Thank you! Smile

I'll start checking your claims asap!
Dum loquor, hora fugit  - While I speak the time flies

Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

  Version Control
06-02-2011, 02:49 PM,
Review in progress.

Dum loquor, hora fugit  - While I speak the time flies

Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

  Version Control
06-02-2011, 06:03 PM,
Finished (3 claims)! Smile

The file has been merged.

Well done, including a nice quest! :goodjob:

Especially the work with the idle! :check:

I enjoyed reviewing this claim.

A few general remarks.
  • Keep in mind the exterior traveling time. If the PC is near, the pack will continue to run and could overrule the next pack (travel time > duration of the current pack) --> It's not related to this claim.
  • Try to use 256, 512, 1024, 2048 etc. for the AI radius, it's not a must though.
  • Please use these anims as well to diversify the AI.

Dum loquor, hora fugit  - While I speak the time flies

Ovid 43 BC - 17 AD

  Version Control
06-02-2011, 09:31 PM,
Those animations look like they'll be fun to work with. I'll especially be able to make use of pray, scan, arms crossed (great for my bored quartermaster), cook, and write (my guards have to write their notes after their shifts). Thank you for the link Smile.

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